Mental Health

It can be difficult to ask for help. At the UO we provide accessible resources for students from individual counseling sessions to specialized treatment. Student advocates also work to normalize asking for help and make sure that the flock has the resources it needs. Students will face a lot of stress and pressure during their college experience, but we provide support to help students face those challenges.

Therapists at the Counseling Center provide free, brief phone consultations to parents and families with concerns about a UO student. A consultation can help identify available resources, discuss options available to the student, suggest ways to approach a student needing support, and help identify next steps. To schedule a consultation, call 541-346-3227 during Counseling Center hours.


Student Health Care

Staying healthy is a vital part of the college experience. The University Health Center provides many different ways for students to maintain their health. From annual flu shots to physical therapy, we work to make sure students are healthy and ready to take advantage of every opportunity. There are also several options for insurance plans through the Health Center in order to make sure all students have access to the care.

Healthy Living

Even when it seems like rain is the only type of weather we have here, there are a number of opportunities for students to stay active. The Student Recreation Center has an array of facilities from a rock wall, to an olympic-sized swimming pool, to dance studios for students to take advantage of, rain or shine. The Duck Nest in the EMU focuses on stress-reduction and helping students manage through stressors. We also provide resources to help students understand the significance of what they put into their bodies and how that can affect them.