Financial Aid

The university works to increase access to higher education by providing funds for students. Your student may be eligible for scholarships and other types of financial aid. The financial aid checklist can help you and your student navigate applying for financial aid and scholarships. Depending on the types of financial aid your student receives, there may be additional resources and programs to assist them during their time at the UO.

Billing and Payments

Navigating the billing and payment system can be challenging, but there are resources and staff to assist you and your student with the process. It is also important to stay updated on the academic calendar as payment deadlines follow along with the academic calendar. If you have any questions, please contact Business Affairs and they will be able to assist you.

Tax Information

As the family of a student, there are resources to help with your tax information. Business Affairs provides resources to help you understand tax forms specific to you and explain their various elements.

1098 Form

Duck Bucks

Duck Bucks can be used as an alternative to cash, checks, and credit cards on campus. Whether students need to print a paper at the library or grab lunch at the EMU, they can use Duck Bucks for these services and more. Duck Bucks is tied directly to student IDs and can be used for many of the services provided on campus. There are several add-value stations throughout campus to purchase Duck Bucks. Students can also purchase Duck Bucks on DuckWeb.

Duck Bucks