Academic Support

We do our best to ensure your student is equipped to reach their academic success. There are a variety of resources across campus to assist students—from advisors to help with understanding a degree audit and choosing classes, to help with specifc course work in the Teaching and Learning Center. Several faculty members also work with our residence hall communities to engage with students outside of the classroom.

Student Services

We understand that students face a range of challenges during their time in college that don't always involve academics. We have many resources dedicated specifically to these types of challenges. Whether it is help managing stress or preparing for the GRE or fixing a uoregon e-mail address, there are resources available to help your student. 

Student Programs

Not all students come from the same background, and many have identities that they don't necessarily share with their classmates. We have a number of organizations and programs dedicated to making sure that all of our students are equipped for academic success and have communities to support them. No matter what background or identities your student has, we are dedicated to giving them the support they need.

Need Help

We want every student to feel safe, and we strive to ensure they have the tools they need to do their best. In addition to the resources on this page, there are more resources for your student to take advantage of in order to make their experience exceptional. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Need Help