College is about learning. The UO offers a variety of academic pursuits for students to explore almost any passion and prepare for post-undergraduate school. But not all learning happens in the classroom. Some of the most important lessons a student will learn during their time at the UO will come from the moments and experiences they share with peers.

Safety and Accountability

As Ducks, we are committed to building a community where everyone is respected and feels safe. We do this by informing our students about programs that can support them and their friends. We also provide standards to make sure our community is accountable and maintains its integrity as an institution of learning and excellence.

Residential Campus

A residential campus doesn't just put living and learning next to each other, it synthesizes them into a fluid experience. Students can attend classes in the same building they live in, or join a club that applies their studies outside of the classroom. Because we live and learn side-by-side, students from across the world come together to understand different perspectives and gain new insights.

Student Communities

A successful student experience means being a part of a community and building relationships that will last throughout college—and for some, beyond. We are dedicated to making sure all students feel welcome and can find a community that feels comfortable. These are just a few of the communities and resources on our campus. Many students decide to get involved in more than one community and connect with people all over campus.