Week of Welcome

Week of Welcome is an important time for both you and your student. Just as we intentionally ensure that your student is smoothly introduced and incorporated into the University of Oregon, we believe that you should have a relationship with the university as well. The Week of Welcome schedule includes several events for parents and family members.


Some events you may experience at Week of Welcome include:

Thursday, September 21 | Move In Day

  • Parents' Lounge on Move In Day
  • Parent and Family Social

Friday, September 22 | Parents' Day Off

  • Parents' Day Off Brunch with University Leadership
  • Parents' Day Off Tours throughout Lane County, which have historically included:
    • Winery Tours
    • Rafting Tours
    • Brewery Tours
    • Coast Tours with Dune Buggying
    • Cultural Tours through the musuems and libraries on campus


Registration will open for parent and family Week of Welcome events after the last summer IntroDUCKtion in August.  We will update this page and send a notification to all parents and family members who have e-mail addresses in our files.  To ensure we have your updated contact information, please join the Parent and Family Association (PFA) or select the "Provide Information Only" option on the same form.

Hotel accomodations for these dates fill up quickly, so we highly encourage families to make travel accomodations as early as possible.

When To Arrive and Depart

If your student is moving in on Thursday, September 21, we recommend securing accomodations for Wednesday, September 20.  Move-in schedules will be sent out with housing assignments, generally in August.  Although there is not a home football game during Week of Welcome, most families do choose to stay until Saturday.

Families are welcome at Convocation on Sunday, September 24.

It is important to have a family discussion around how long your student anticipates needing you in the area while addressing your own expectations for Week of Welcome.  Students will have required programming starting on Thursday evening and extending until Sunday.  Students will have some unscheduled time over those four days.  Be strategic about the time you spend together during those four days.  It is vital to your student's success that they begin building connections to new friends, University resources, and the campus immediately.

Variable Move-In Dates

Most students move in on Thursday, September 21.  There are several campus groups or affiliations that require early move in dates for their students.  Students who are in a First-Year Interest Group, the Oregon Marching Band, or Clark Honors College may have an earlier move-in date, so please have your student work to confirm these dates over the summer.  International students will also move-in prior to Week of Welcome.

Additional move-in day information can be found through University Housing.